Monday, November 29, 2010


I had a dream about my Blackberry. Yes, I miss it. The simple days when I could check my email, catch up with what people are up to on Facebook and update my status, I could tweet to my  heart's desires, check into foursquare and collect new badges like my "playa playa badge" and "swarm badge." I could bbm with my peeps, sms, mms, take photos upload them wherever needed, navigate with the awesomeness of google maps and call my destinations right from the map, look up restaurants on Yelp, manage my life so perfectly with that little life saving machine, oh yeah and make phone calls of course. The dream was so clear with the perfect little keyboard with the buttons that clicked so nicely, such a source of comfort. Is that why they call it the "crackberry?" Yes, yes, that must be why. I'm about to get a forfait (cell contract) my prepaid is too expensive and so inconvenient. Smart phone here I come!!


  1. Kelly - I was looking at my BBMs list and you're still on it. Wish I could just bbm ya!

    Happy Monday!

    (It was 30 degrees in Cyn. Cntry. this a.m.)

  2. 30 degrees... if it were in celsius like here, that would be super nice. It's about 9 degrees celsius here (~48 degrees F) right now. And today is a nice day.