Thursday, January 27, 2011

Break it, in threes.

In memory of the beautiful vase.
I took this picture to show my uncle my sweet find.
Now it rests in peace on this photo.
The easiest way to clear clutter is- wait for it.... break it! It started with the breaking of a drinking glass in the sink after washing. Then chipping one of my soup bowls in the sink after drying. And finally, knocking over my new beautiful vase I found at Emmaus (it's a great second-hand store). I thought good, I'm safe because things usually happen in threes, right? Wrong. I brought out the jar of yummy eggplant and garlic goodness my aunt made for me. I have been savoring it for longer than necessary. Not the kind of treat you want to eat in one sitting, ya know. So, naturally, I set it on the table and, just as naturally, I knocked it over onto the floor. Crushed. I should just get plastic cups.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I sometimes find it difficult

It's sometimes hard to come up with something to blog about. There are some things I think will be great and then I wonder, "Is this too personal?" "Should I be sharing this?" So, sorry if this year has been a little dry with updates. I have been working on some photos and wondering which will grace this blog. Tune in. See you soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Z Alpes

I spent New Years in the Alps. A friend has a chalet in a cute little village, and he opened up his home for a nice winter wonderland ski/snowboard trip. We had a really nice time! Here are some photos from my New Years weekend in the French Alps from the villages we passed through, to the slopes we ski/snowboarded on, and the ride home. 

I taught two of my friends how to snowboard. For each it was their first time, so you can imagine the kind of wipeouts I witnessed. One of my friends hurt her tailbone so bad she had to just walk the snowboard down the hill, she traded for skis. My other student on the other hand was very motivated to continue trying. I can't wait to go back and ride my heart out.

Local water hole

Above the clouds. Below, the visibility was 6 meters

Circular rainbow! It was a triple rainbow I think.

Chalet in the Alps

Etching in the snow

Sled dog!

On the drive back to the city

Friday, January 7, 2011


My friend asked a favor of me. In fact, it was more of a great offer! It was more my pleasure than a personal favor in my opinion. Her boyfriend left his scooter at the train station when he went out of town, and so she asked me to ride his scooter home from the train station. I would follow her on her motorcycle. Yes guys, she has her own motorcycle, super cool. I was nervous, everyone says how dangerous they are especially in Marseille with crazy drivers and traffic patterns, but I was more excited than scared! The last time I drove was when I was in the States. This was to be an adventure! I have a serious need for speed and I was excited to spread my wings. I tried not to get my hopes up about driving, cause the let down could be so horrific. Oh goodness how I miss driving.

I get to the train station where she is waiting. She does a test run around the parking lot, comes around the bend onto the sidewalk and then says "go ahead now it's your turn, try it." I expect the scooter to be easy, but in fact it was too easy. No gears to be switched, just an accelerator and a pair of handle bar brakes. It was like a toy. I don't know why I expected anything different. Now I understand why those darn scooters are always revved so loudly, they are in risk of stalling if not constantly a livened with fuel. It made it easier to concentrate of the cars around me. It was so cool. I can't wait to do it again! She told me now we can do a ride along the corniche, I can't wait! Sunday here I come!