Friday, December 24, 2010


On my walk on the Vieux Port in search of Pad Thai (I have had a hankering for 3 months), and still with no avail. Where art thou, Where art thou, O'Pad Thai. In the midst, I was drawn to blue lights and sound. A camel walked by. "What is going on," I think out loud. I see men dressed in costumes with their faces painted blue, Oh the "Blue Man Group!" ... not.  I look up and there is someone crawling down the building head first like he was a spider. What IS this?

Alright, what could this possibly be? I feel strange, a weird sense of hysteria. People are standing around, for what I can't quite place, they are waiting for something. Then I see a man in blue sitting at a table going through what seems to be an appointment book. I think it was the opening of a restaurant or an art show. A man in blue approached me passing me a book and asked, "sais-tu comment lire?" Baffled and repeating in my head, "did he just ask me if I can read?!"

So I reply, "bien sur!" Then he says in french "Would you give a lesson to the crowd?" Very strange, it tickled my curiosity. That was my cue to leave.

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  1. Good thinking know they can spit very far....Merry Christmas....weird!