Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My little home

I have a little home I share with myself. I've been using boxes as tables for the microwave and the printer. The microwave fell through the box the other day. It was inevitable. I know really glamorous right. Want to hear something even more glamorous? I found an old handmade Tunisian oven in the street and my friend helped me carry it home. It was a really long walk. That thing was heavy. But we got it up to my apartment and it sat on the terrace until I decided to clean it today. I didn't know what it was until I showed a picture to my uncle. My other uncle recognized what it was. It's complete with one of those giant spatulas with a long handle to get pizza out of an oven. I think I scored with this one. I don't plan on using it as an oven. It will make a nice cabinet and surface to place my microwave and toaster oven. Today I went into the garage of my building to toss out my garbage. I noticed a wobbly shelf in the garage left for dead. Tonight, another friend helped me get it into the bachelorette pad. Comfortably nestled in a corner where it can't wobble my shelf resides. Home sweet home.


  1. Agreed we need pics of that. Thinking of your microwave on the box kind of makes me laugh.

    However, was the micro on or off when it fell?

  2. You two are bad! The box is in the trash now, so sorry no pics of the failed table. :)

    As for the new stuff, maybe.