Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Z Alpes

I spent New Years in the Alps. A friend has a chalet in a cute little village, and he opened up his home for a nice winter wonderland ski/snowboard trip. We had a really nice time! Here are some photos from my New Years weekend in the French Alps from the villages we passed through, to the slopes we ski/snowboarded on, and the ride home. 

I taught two of my friends how to snowboard. For each it was their first time, so you can imagine the kind of wipeouts I witnessed. One of my friends hurt her tailbone so bad she had to just walk the snowboard down the hill, she traded for skis. My other student on the other hand was very motivated to continue trying. I can't wait to go back and ride my heart out.

Local water hole

Above the clouds. Below, the visibility was 6 meters

Circular rainbow! It was a triple rainbow I think.

Chalet in the Alps

Etching in the snow

Sled dog!

On the drive back to the city


  1. Thanks for the pictures. Gosh, it's beautiful. The pipe with running water...how does that work? It flows unstopped? Won't they run out of water? (giggle.)

  2. Terry, there was this square shaped basin surrounding it. It was in the towns center. I'm not sure exactly what the purpose of it was. It might flow to the homes... I'm reaching now.

  3. Hi, Kelly! The pictures are most beautiful...and a triple rainbow must have been divine... However, were you really there! I'm looking for a picture of YOU!!! ;-)