Thursday, January 27, 2011

Break it, in threes.

In memory of the beautiful vase.
I took this picture to show my uncle my sweet find.
Now it rests in peace on this photo.
The easiest way to clear clutter is- wait for it.... break it! It started with the breaking of a drinking glass in the sink after washing. Then chipping one of my soup bowls in the sink after drying. And finally, knocking over my new beautiful vase I found at Emmaus (it's a great second-hand store). I thought good, I'm safe because things usually happen in threes, right? Wrong. I brought out the jar of yummy eggplant and garlic goodness my aunt made for me. I have been savoring it for longer than necessary. Not the kind of treat you want to eat in one sitting, ya know. So, naturally, I set it on the table and, just as naturally, I knocked it over onto the floor. Crushed. I should just get plastic cups.


  1. OH NO! Better start snapping pics of EVERYTHING so you at least have a memory.

  2. Now you've got three GREAT things coming your way!