Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mousse de Marseille

I am volunteering at a scuba dive (plongée sous-marine) center where 3 organizations work out of. Two dive clubs and one military group. My job should be pretty straight forward. I basically will be handing out material that the divers will need to explore the underwater world.

Basic gear; mask (masque), fins (palmes), snorkels and the fun stuff; BCD (buoyancy compensator device or in french, "stab"), regulator (detendeur), octopus (or alternate air), bottles (bloc or bouteilles), lead or weight (plomb), and wetsuits (combinaison or combi).
Photo Serge Mercier

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After I do that, I'll be welcome on the boat to dive with the same people. When we all return, I will be collecting the material. Sweet deal! Call me "Mousse," I guess in France this is what they call the people who donate time and an extra hand, but dive for free! Now, all I have to do is get medical clearance and I'm set to dive in the sea where Jacques Cousteau pioneered scuba diving as we know it today.

Jacques Cousteau

People, the visibility in the sea is so amazingly clear. If you are out in a boat, you can see thru the water at least 100 feet, not kidding. It's beautiful. This is going to be an amazing experience. 

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