Friday, October 29, 2010


On Sunday it's Halloween. It's the best holiday of the year! I got a big pumpkin thanks to my wonderful uncle, but let me tell you it's not a proper pumpkin. Tell me, how am I supposed to carve this monster?

I need power tools for this one. Either way, I'm totally stoked! I was blessed with the wonderful gift of my Aunt (Tatie) who is a couturiere (she makes custom bridal dresses, costumes, circus costumes, acrobat clothes, etc.) If someone in my family got married, she probably made their bridal dress and she's helping me and some friends make last minute Ah-lo-ween costumes. We're going as pumpkins :-D There is an Italian girl throwing a party on Sunday night, I'm curious how the Europeans celebrate this holiday- we'll see! 


  1. perhaps you'll paint a face on that gorgeous pumpkin.


  2. I carved a face. I'll post pics soon.

  3. Perfect pumpkin! I'm dying to write, Ah-lo-ween!!! and love saying it even more :) lsmith