Thursday, October 7, 2010

Les éléves (the students)

When arriving at the teacher's lounge this morning, I was lucky to meet two more profs that I will be working with. I am really surprised at how welcoming they are. I was lead by the English director thru the halls to an area where some classes will be. There are stairs everywhere. I'm not sure if they have wheelchair access. Anyway, that's Miss Curious coming out. Today was my first day meeting students. The students in this particular class were 14-16 years old, I found them to be very cool! I've also noticed that compared to american highschool, the teachers are little bit more strict and disciplined with their students. Two students arrived maybe 10 minutes late and she made them return to the office for a "late ticket." Apparently these boys make a habit of being late (the prof explained to me that other profs told her they do it in every class) It's too bad because they missed out on meeting me. :-) A couple students spoke english very well. One of the girls spoke english with an american accent, I wonder how that came about. The kids are very curious- I dig it. I think I was in front of the class for 1 hour. I feel relieved that it was an amicable experience, I feel fulfilled and I feel this will be very rewarding. My first experience as a language assistant was totally rad. Next week I start my first full week and will be assisting maybe 5 teachers. oh la la.

For those of you I told I was teaching at a technical highschool, I do apologize I was incorrect. I don't completely understand the french school system. I'm at a general lycée. Lycée (lee-say) is the french word for highschool. Apparently, this school has a great reputation as the best in Marseille. 90% of the students pass the BAC, which I believe to be an "exit exam" that is very difficult and if they don't pass, they don't move on to Université so it's very important.

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