Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ah Marseille

I had a great time with some new friends this weekend! Had a fabulous dinner at an even more fabulous couple's home. They had a huge terrace with an amazing view of the Notre Dame de la Garde. Our host made a delicious curry. I was just telling some other assistants how imperative it was for me to have some yellow curry or maybe a chicken tikka masala, so it was fate. Dinner was filled with several bottles of wine, good conversation, story swapping and french language corrections. After dinner, a strapping young french man picked us up to go to a party that was "close." Well, I guess the 30 minute walk wouldn't have been so bad, but the mistral was blowing and let me tell you- it was icy! We arrived at the party and it was filled with frenchies! Yeah my first french party (excluding the millions of parties I've had with my family...)! A good time was had by all, even my smiling, happy, sleeping model friend. It was great, the frenchies spoke in english to me and I spoke in french to them! The dudes were dancing, wore gummy candy vampire teeth and tried to launch them to the neighboring roof and the boys played some sort of drinking game with bottle caps. I laughed a lot.

After a long night, and public transportation schedules in search for an easier way home, we headed home à pied (on foot). On our hour long journey home, we stopped for fresh crêpes and gyros from a street vendor. (Yes folks, late night food in France doesn't consist of dollar menus and drive-thru's). We three ladies were walked to our doorstep by the strapping young french gentleman. At 5 am, after we climbed the 3 flights of stairs at my friends apartment, we crashed out until lunch. We just didn't want this weekend to end.

We went out on a trek to find pizza, a great idea by my ladies! Store after store was closed, we finally found a boulangerie which made fresh pizzas. Two young handsome young men (they were brothers) ran the store with smiles, they were very busy! Took our nosh back to the fab apartment, watched a film and ended up staying for dinner too! These ladies like to cook, thank goodness. Homemade puff-pastry, homemade panisse, and pasta. Delicious! You may be thinking, "that's a lot of carbs," yes ladies and gentlemen, yes it is. Vive La France.

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