Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Un repas et apero avec le consulat des etas unis

A meal and aperitif (before dinner drinks) with the consulate herself of the united states.

Today the american language assistants met in front of the "Le jardin des vestiges." This garden was created after discovering ancient roman ruins, they were going to build a parking lot for a mall, but instead got garden. So here we waited for our director to introduce himself and lead us to our car. It seems we do a lot of waiting in this program, but it makes for good bonding with the others. We boarded a big tour bus, I would say there were about 40 of us american language assistants. They drove us to a location along the coast where the diplomat lived. When arriving at the gate, we were asked for identification by private security, one by one, checking our names off the list. We climbed a ton of stairs to this amazing terrace where we were greeted by the diplomat- she didn't say here name... weird. Anyway,  we were served wine, pastis, whiskey and coca- cola. There was a very delicous and interesting menu. However, the very first thing placed at the table were some chicken nuggets and some bbq/ketchup sauce, how american of her. Then there were some traditional entrées, taboulet, etc. Then came the desserts, yum yum. Two types of chocolate cake, some sorbet, and some apricot tart. We weren't served any coffee though... strange. Anyway, I think we all felt very privileged to have been invited there because according to the other assistants from other countries, they didn't get the same welcoming. It was a wonderful evening, what a nice way to be greeted.

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