Sunday, October 3, 2010

For my first day at work, I woke up at the crack of dawn so that I could get on a bus that would take me into the city. I then hopped onto a tram that takes me a few stops to my school in centre ville. I walked up to the school where I was greeted by a kind administrator. He showed me where to go leading me into the hall guiding me to the stairs. My breath was taken away. The halls were empty and the students were in their classes. This school was old. The halls had black and white tiles and old clocks. What sort of history took place in this building!? I met with the school administrators and filled out paper work and after was directed to the teacher's lounge where I met the three english professors. They seemed really cool! I didn't expect the administration to be so welcoming, but so far this is frickin awesome!

It seems french lycée is different than american highschool. I'll let you know the differences as they come. There are 3 linguistic assistants at Lycée Thiers, where I am working. One who is from Italy, one from Germany and one from the US, me! According to my cousins, I've been placed into the best school in the city. I really lucked out I might say, because there are maybe 100 assistants in my region alone.

Alright, so after meeting the teachers, the other assistants and I went for un peux du café et croissant. After that we did a little tour of the area because we had an appointment at the bank at 13:30. Well, it turns out there were 20 or so of us with appointments at the same time. They took us alphabetically which made for a really long wait. I wasn't called into my appointment until 17:45 when the bank closed at 18:00.  There were a few bright sides to the horrible wait. 1st, I met many of the assistants and learned about where they were from and where they were staying. 2nd brightside is that the bank was on the Vieux Port so there was a lot going on. We took over the nearest sidewalk café and we "blagued" (talked, gabbed) with one another. After I was finished, I got my first ride on a scooter thru the city. Have you seen how crazy people drive in Europe? Setting that aside, I survived it. All in all a great day!

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