Saturday, October 30, 2010

The clouds rolled by faster than my day.

I woke myself up laughing this morning on my friend's couch, a very comfortable couch I might say. My laughing woke up my friends too. What was I dreaming about? Well, it might have been about losing my cell phone at a bar on the Vieux Port... maybe not. Today was a good day and it isn't over yet! I was supposed to go to a football match tonight L'OM and I don't know the other team :-/ Well tickets ended up being sold out. I hope they win! My friend had this great idea to dress up as pumpkins for halloween (we're going to a party tomorrow night) and it turns out we're going to be a pumpkin patch! We busily made the most adorable Ah-lo-ween costumes today, 6 to be exact. Six of us are going as pumpkins! Well, after a meal and costume making, I left to get a new cell phone. I walked in the rain, and my feet got wet thru my Uggs. Anyhoo, I got a new phone using my debit card for the first time and withdrew money from the ATM for the first time! I took the metro as far as it would take me, then I waited for the bus to take me to the end of the line (term-ee-noos) so that I could go home. As I waited, I noticed how fast the clouds were rolling by. I could even see other clouds higher behind them that weren't moving at all. I recorded it. Thanks for reading my stream of consciousness, peace out! Till next time! À tout à l'heure!

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