Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank goodness it's Friday- too bad I have to work at 9 am every Saturday

I have 16 different classes that I am assisting. Not gonna lie, it's a little much but I'll get thru it. Today I met with 2 classes and I had a great time. After class around noon I went wandering around the neighborhood in search for something to eat and for listings of apartments for rent. There was a little outdoor market selling old comic books and records, I browsed.

Just up the way, I came across a really awesome part of town where there are play grounds and cafés. There was a little building near it selling all sorts of food. On their menu were sandwiches, paninis, and hamburgers! The names they gave the hamburgers were awesome; Le LA, Le Boston, Le Vegas, La New York, Le Obama- I think I got the Vegas one because it had bacon on it mmmmmm. Mine originally came with bleu cheese, but gross! I asked sans blue cheese si vous plait. Then he was like you want Cheddar? Me not wanting to be too American said, noooo. He was like then would you like camembert or gruyere? I said camembert, then he asked me what kind of sauce I would like and I replied just mustard (that's how I always make my sandwiches, mmmm) and he says no mayo and ketchup? I make a sour face in response- of course not! I tuck the wrapped up burger into my handbag and I'm off in search for some apartments. My trek was not satisfied. On a side note, I don't think this is normal, but there have been enormous piles of trash in the streets where trash cans usually are. You can't see them because they are buried in trash. Since many public workers have been on strike, it's been pretty dirty.

Anyway, as I eat my hamburger although filling, it did not really hit the spot. Maybe it was the french cheese or the Dijon mustard...  At any rate, I had a difficult afternoon. Since many of us assistants have reloadable phones (not really practical for us to enter into contracts), my plans to meet up with a friend went down the drain, c'est ok. Instead, I decide to head home after a busy day. I got to the nearest Métro station which happened to be Vieux Port and my RTM card (trans pass) is denied. I go to the office and wait in line for 3 minutes when I get to the front of the line, the man behind the counter is clearly annoyed, hates his job and doesn't want to deal with anyone- including the girl with the heavy accent. He refused to help me telling me I needed to bring in a new photo and I.D. card so he can print me another one, so I say well what am I supposed to do now? He says buy a ticket! Me totally pissed decided I didn't want to buy a ticket because I spent 40 euros or so on an unlimited monthly pass- screw that. So I decided to take the road less traveled. I walked down the Vieux Port and slowly there were less and less people around. Now I'm walking along the sidewalk with a view of a cruise ship. Ahhh, peace. It's crazy, I totally knew where I was going despite me being so new to the city. I walked to Joliette where I boarded the bus (I stuck my ticket in hoping it would work, it didn't) but the bus driver let me by anyway. Ahh sweet sweet victory, grumpy little french métro man.

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