Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Solitude; anti-social or just quiet?

I am a person that really enjoys her quiet time. I enjoy being with people, but there is something so exciting about being undisturbed by sounds and action. Not listening to music or anything for that matter. Getting away from the sounds of the television in the other room, people in a rush, pressures from friends and family, or people talking on their cell phones on the bus in a harsh sounding foreign language and the "lead anchor" happens to clearly be pissed off (happened today, then I stuck my ear phones in). Anyway, one of my favorite creative people Chase Jarvis posted a blog entry about creativity. It was nice to see how Chase does things because I practice some of those habits too! I keep a notepad and scribble ideas as they come. I take photos of things that capture my interest. I'm curious and I ask a lot of questions. I'm starting to sound futile but I guess it's just nice to find something in common with such an interested/interesting person. He also links to the blog "Zen Habits" which has a great post that shares a collection of responses from other creative people. For me, seeking quiet time gives me the opportunity to collect my thoughts, ideas, get past mental road blocks either by writing it on paper, walking in less populated areas (where-ever that may be, mountains, quiet city streets, whatever), creating photos, snowboarding (yes, it's quiet for me because it's singular and fleeting) and more. I think these acts help me to be less attention deficit when the moment strikes, because sometimes I find myself zoning out if I haven't had proper "me" time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I absolutely understand this post, and am happy that you are taking your time abroad to cultivate your creative side with your alone time. Of course, wouldn't everyone benefit with some alone time in the South of France?

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I can't get on a bus today because of the strike, so I'm going for a walk in the hills with my camera!