Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Université de Provence, 3 place Victor Hugo, 13003 Marseille

Today was another long and glorious day. I woke up early to catch the bus to the métro to get to the La Gare St. Charles. Next to the "la gare" (train station) is a université where all of the language assistants from around the globe for our region (Aix-Marseille) gathered for administrative and social matters. If i had to guess, there were probably 300 of us. As we waited, a man approached me and handed me a flyer telling us that there was to be a "ballet spectac" in front of the université. I laughed because the flyer looked like this.

Well when the event actually happened. All were captivated by the enchanting dance and music. Unfortunately, my camera died trop tôt (too early) and I missed the opportunity to take more photos :-( This group was called G.U.I.D. - Groupe Urbain D'Intervention Dansée  from the company Ballet Preljocaj.


  1. What a great exhibition out of the blue! Of course it's France and I'm sure you will see more stuff like that. I'm glad that you had your camera with you to capture these images, even if your camera pooped out. That sky looks absolutely amazing!

  2. Thank you Kristina! The skies here are beautiful.